Welcome to TradKA UK.  TradKA UK offers you all the facilities to be able to manage your Association effectively.

The Association is a direct member of several leading and major International Association most notably the Federation of English Karate Organisations and the International Okinawan Kobudo Association.  

Through these Association TradKA UK is linked to the World Union of Karate Do Federations and the World United Karate Organisation.

TradKA UK’s Principal Instructor serves on the FEKO Executive, the English Karate Council Board and the United World Karate - England Limited Board. Several of TradKA’s member associations are led by distinguished names in their chosen martial art(s)

TradKA UK offers you Membership of an Association that focuses on quality while at the same time remembering the importance of autonomy.  Membership of TradKA UK is free with minimal single registration costs for individuals. For further information, please contact Jim Reece 0113 2660516 or email him at jimreece@tradka.org.uk


Many congratulations to Hanya Kowalczuk who not only became WUKF European Champion in Romania in April but formed part of the Silver Medal Team and Bronze Medal team at the same event.

Hanya was representing England at these Championships on behalf of TradKA UK


Many congratulations to students at the dojo. The first picture shows happy students following their recent grading success. The second pictures those who have gained club awards since March 2017.

They are seen with Sensei Jimmy Kirk and Sensei Jakub Libicki

(Please click picture for full size image)